Running & Anxiety

I only started running a couple of weeks ago. My best friend Emily is a marathon runner (pictured in the featured picture) and has always loved running and up until a few weeks ago, I listened to her running stories like she was CRAZY! Continue reading Running & Anxiety


The Importance of Community

By: Layne Gudenkauf
Today I was going to write a post on my January Favorites for my other blog, but when I went to start writing it, I was reminded of a conversation my mom and I had last night. I was talking about some of the weird quirks I have with my anxiety and how even though my family accepts them, they don’t truly understand them. For some reason, I am truly terrified of someone taking my pup when we are all away for too long. That being said, before we leave the house, I double-check all of the doors to make sure they are locked and I make 100 percent sure that the alarm is turned on as I walk out of the garage. I say a little prayer that she will be safe and I leave the house. My family thinks it’s silly and they accept it, but for a while, not having someone who understood that even though the fear was silly and probably irrational, it still felt very real, was pretty difficult.

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Unrealistic Expectations & Realistic Disappointment

By JoJo Ossmen

This morning, as my husband went to go play basketball, I was left at our apartment with our German Shepard Mira; who, as of late, has been quite the little stink. To add to this, she loves Brandon. He is her human, so when Brandon leaves, she turns into this crazy needy puppy that seems to want to do anything but hang out. This is why today, when Brandon left, and Mira (although I love her) started whining out the wazoo, I could think of nothing but leaving. All that I wanted to do was run for the hills and escape this situation that I was in no way ready to tackle. So I left, I got in the car and drove to Starbucks, to write in my journal and figure out what the heck to do with our puppy that apparently I could not be around.

Why did I feel this way? Continue reading Unrealistic Expectations & Realistic Disappointment

Relaxation Essentials

By: Layne Gudenkauf

Hi everyone! If you were sent here by our YouTube video, you are probably wondering why we don’t explain everything just in the video. Please keep in mind that this is our first go of making a video for YouTube and we are still trying to figure it all out! Rome wasn’t built in a day people! Well, anyway, below I have both linked back to the video, and written an explanation of each product! Continue reading Relaxation Essentials


Hey Guys!

Just a little bit about our new community and what we hope will come from it.

The Lionheart Society is going to be a completely positive place. We understand that there are some days when you just need to rant and get some things off your chest, but this is not the place for that!

We hope that on the site you are able to find a community of people around you! Whether it be an online community, or maybe you find a group of people who are nearby that you are able to get coffee with and be able to encourage each other and help each other through hard times.

We hope that you begin to form friendships on here! A pen pal miles away, or maybe it is someone in your neighborhood that you never knew. This can be as easy as something to wake up to and read; as a morning pick me up.  The point is… create a community and a support system! Continue reading About