Tag: Anxiety

The Importance of Community

By: Layne Gudenkauf Today I was going to write a post on my January Favorites for my other blog, but when I went to start writing it, I was reminded of a conversation my mom and I had last night. I was talking about some of the weird quirks I have with my anxiety and how

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Unrealistic Expectations & Realistic Disappointment

By JoJo Ossmen This morning, as my husband went to go play basketball, I was left at our apartment with our German Shepard Mira; who, as of late, has been quite the little stink. To add to this, she loves Brandon. He is her human, so when Brandon leaves, she turns into this crazy needy

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Relaxation Essentials

By: Layne Gudenkauf Hi everyone! If you were sent here by our YouTube video, you are probably wondering why we don’t explain everything just in the video. Please keep in mind that this is our first go of making a video for YouTube and we are still trying to figure it all out! Rome wasn’t

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