I am a Fighter!

By: Emily Hammer


Today I would like to talk about a realization that has completely changed my perspective. I am coming up on my 2-year anniversary of having an anxiety disorder. While I have been someone with high stress my whole life, when I got pregnant a switch flipped and it turned into full-blown anxiety (thanks hormones)! After the birth of my son, I was hospitalized because my anxiety had gotten so bad. The birth was fairly traumatic and at just a few days old he was put in a TLC nursery due to an on and off again fever. I barely slept and while I felt an all-consuming love for my child, I also felt an incredible amount of fear.  I literally could not fall asleep without waking up gasping seconds later. Continue reading I am a Fighter!


December Wrap Up!

It has been a full week since The Lionheart Society launched and we are so proud of how things have been going so far! We could not have even launched Lionheart with out the help and support of our friends, family, and those of you who have contacted us. It means the world to even get a small thank you! So cheers to you guys!

For looking at the website, liking photos on Instagram, sharing our posts on Facebook, donating your own ideas for the page and passing along the community to those who need some extra support! Continue reading December Wrap Up!

What The New Year Holds

By: JoJo Ossmen

It’s a New Year! A new year of goals, accomplishments, travel plans and more. The New Year is always full of excitement as we hit the realization that anything can happen. Once again “The world is yours!”

We start out on January 1st as walking, talking, motivational speakers, Instagram-ers, and Facebook-ers. We can do all, conquer all, and we can mark off every dang goal on our lists! We say over and over again, “This is my year!” Continue reading What The New Year Holds

Mindful Meditation

By: JoJo Ossmen

This is something newly added to my “coping mechanism”. I turn to these when I get anxious and need something to snap me back into reality. Since sleeping, in general, has been an on going battle since I was a child, I have found that using “mindful meditation” keeps me calm enough to eventually fall asleep. I also use this before I go into work if I know it might be an especially long day (hello Monday!). One day, I will get over my stubborn self and use it when I am going into a full blown panic; this is not yet mastered. However, mindful meditation is a great tool to use just from day to day, anxiety or no anxiety! Continue reading Mindful Meditation

Have A Safe Space

By: Layne Gudenkauf

{Written while sipping Peppermint Tea with a Frosted Fir Tree candle burning and James TW playing in the background.}

I wanted to revisit falling asleep and relaxing; more relaxing than falling asleep, because usually one leads to the other, ammiright?

When I say that I stress easily, I am not kidding. Literally broke out in a small rash today while rearranging my room and hanging new photos. I didn’t think that the change was the cause, but once everything was said and done in my room, I was no longer itching my arm. But… It made my room comfortable, relaxing and an overall calm space.

Having a comfortable room in your home, whether it is your living room, bedroom or even kitchen, is so important; especially if you deal with stress and anxiety. I have made my bedroom my comfortable space and my safe space. It is filled with big soft pillows, candles galore, old books that are worn and water damages, and little chubby bird knick-knacks scattered about.

Continue reading Have A Safe Space

Medication Side Effects

By: Layne Gudenkauf

With medication come side effects, big or small. This was one of the things I was most nervous about while beginning a new medication. While my mind felt a whole lot less stressed, there were still several things that weighed on me. The biggest one was weight gain. Continue reading Medication Side Effects