If We All Decided We Couldn’t Make A Difference…

I haven’t written in a long time. I try to rationalize with myself that it is just because I am busy, or going through a lot of changes, but I know that rationalizing is just rationalizing. The truth is… I started to lose hope. I had such high hopes for everything going on in my life, and the second something wasn’t exactly the way I imagined, I gave up. Logically, I know that something becoming an overnight success is a bit far fetched, but my emotional side told me it was completely achievable… literally overnight. Continue reading If We All Decided We Couldn’t Make A Difference…


Being Comfortable with the Un-Comfortable.

I fight change. No matter how beneficial it may be, no matter how controlled of the change I feel, my soul fights it hard. I like things how they are. I like my little apartment with low ceilings, one closet, and the tiniest kitchen ever. So when a great opportunity came up for me and my husband, that we were more then happy to take on, I started fighting the change. Continue reading Being Comfortable with the Un-Comfortable.

Anxiety is Not Always the Bad Guy

anxietyThis is not easy to write. It is one of those “ ah-ha” moments you get when your mind has a minute to idle. But not one of those on all the Dove commercials. This is the moment where your heart tells your mind what it needs to do, all the while your mind is telling your heart to take a vacation. So like I said, not easy to write.  Continue reading Anxiety is Not Always the Bad Guy

Arming Yourself with Anxiety Essentials

arm yourselfI know that in the past, we have covered anxiety and relaxation essentials, because, well… we find them essential. They have helped us in the past and continue to do so. Whether it is a good book, a slightly embarrassing amount of candles, or a whole shelf full of essential oils, we have found them extremely helpful. But, why are these things essential? Why are they so important to keep handy on a regular basis? Continue reading Arming Yourself with Anxiety Essentials

The Importance of Writing it Down

write it down

Writing can be EXTREMELY therapeutic. When I am stressed out, overwhelmed, or just generally anxious, I find myself reaching for my journal, or my laptop, or any surface where I can write something down. I also love to scribble down notes. Whether it is brainstorming new ideas for The Lionheart Society, a new goal I have, or a random idea about life, I always try to write it down. Otherwise… I forget or I just lose interest in it or tell myself, “If I didn’t write it down, it must not have been that important.”

Continue reading The Importance of Writing it Down

Fidget Cube Review 101

Okay here is the deal. There are tons of reviews on fidget cubes. You can google them. But let me tell you, these little cubes really are neat.  I know this because I was stuck at a train stop for half an hour 5 minutes after getting my cube. This means that I had a solid 30 minutes where I could have been extremely annoyed and irritated at this train that would NOT move; but I wasn’t! Thanks to the cube, I spent those 30 minutes fidgeting with possibly the coolest gadget ever. This is why: Continue reading Fidget Cube Review 101


I have what I like to call the “perfectionism plague,” not because perfectionism can be spread (though it certainly can be taught), but because it eats away at you.  My whole life I have been taught to do my best.  While this is commendable, and I think something that should be taught, in my mind I interpreted it as I must be perfect, flawless. Continue reading Perfectionism