Donate To Lionheart


Hi everyone! This specific donation page is to donate to The Lionheart Society! If you go to the parent page, you will find our non-profit of the month. In addition to the donations to the non-profit directly, a percentage of donations to The Lionheart Society will go to the non-profit of the month, which is always a non-profit close to our hearts. We have written about the non-profit and why it is close to our hearts on that page.

If you choose to donate to The Lionheart Society, the donation will go to furthering our efforts to expand The Lionheart Society and include a lot of other opportunities that we hare hoping to provide in the future. If you would prefer to receive a t-shirt, sweatshirt, mug, sticker, or other Lionheart Society merchandise, we will be opening an Etsy shop in the beginning of February! So exciting things are coming to The Lionheart Society in the near future! We hope you are able to help us in our efforts to expand and reach others!