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The Word No One Wants to Say; is Exactly What you Need to Say

…hear me out when I say that LIFE IS WORTH IT. There is light ahead. There is light even when you don’t feel its presence. There is always light. So Don’t you quit! Don’t you stop! Prove to yourself that you can do this! There is better times ahead that you and those around you will forever be grateful for….


I have what I like to call the “perfectionism plague,” not because perfectionism can be spread (though it certainly can be taught), but because it eats away at you.  My whole life I have been taught to do my best.  While this is commendable, and I think something that should be taught, in my mind

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I am a Fighter!

By: Emily Hammer Today I would like to talk about a realization that has completely changed my perspective. I am coming up on my 2-year anniversary of having an anxiety disorder. While I have been someone with high stress my whole life, when I got pregnant a switch flipped and it turned into full-blown anxiety (thanks hormones)!

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