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Running & Anxiety

I only started running a couple of weeks ago. My best friend Emily is a marathon runner (pictured in the featured picture) and has always loved running and up until a few weeks ago, I listened to her running stories like she was CRAZY! Continue reading “Running & Anxiety”


Love Them Through It: An Open Letter to Loved Ones

My wife has anxiety. It is challenging; I may understand some things about it, but I will never understand it completely. I don’t have a full grasp of anxiety’s true feelings because it’s something that I didn’t grow up around or experience. At first I HATED it. I wanted her to be a “normal person.” Then her anxiety attacks and anxiety filled days became more apparent that was when we were dating; I came to the terms that this is something that she lives with. This is her “normal.” Continue reading “Love Them Through It: An Open Letter to Loved Ones”

The Highly Sensitive Person

When I walk down the neighborhood street, I see the sun glistening through the leaves on the trees, casting a shadow on the sidewalk ahead. When I go on a hike, the smell of the pine trees and the feeling of the sun on my forehead radiates through my body. The sound of a fireplace, crackling in the background of a cozy evening soothes my soul. Everything is peaceful. Everything is perfect. Continue reading “The Highly Sensitive Person”

If We All Decided We Couldn’t Make A Difference…

I haven’t written in a long time. I try to rationalize with myself that it is just because I am busy, or going through a lot of changes, but I know that rationalizing is just rationalizing. The truth is… I started to lose hope. I had such high hopes for everything going on in my life, and the second something wasn’t exactly the way I imagined, I gave up. Logically, I know that something becoming an overnight success is a bit far fetched, but my emotional side told me it was completely achievable… literally overnight. Continue reading “If We All Decided We Couldn’t Make A Difference…”

Being Comfortable with the Un-Comfortable.

I fight change. No matter how beneficial it may be, no matter how controlled of the change I feel, my soul fights it hard. I like things how they are. I like my little apartment with low ceilings, one closet, and the tiniest kitchen ever. So when a great opportunity came up for me and my husband, that we were more then happy to take on, I started fighting the change. Continue reading “Being Comfortable with the Un-Comfortable.”

Anxiety is Not Always the Bad Guy

anxietyThis is not easy to write. It is one of those “ ah-ha” moments you get when your mind has a minute to idle. But not one of those on all the Dove commercials. This is the moment where your heart tells your mind what it needs to do, all the while your mind is telling your heart to take a vacation. So like I said, not easy to write.  Continue reading “Anxiety is Not Always the Bad Guy”