Hey Guys!

Just a little bit about our new community and what we hope will come from it.

The Lionheart Society is going to be a completely positive place. We understand that there are some days when you just need to rant and get some things off your chest, but this is not the place for that!

We hope that on the site you are able to find a community of people around you! Whether it be an online community, or maybe you find a group of people who are nearby that you are able to get coffee with and be able to encourage each other and help each other through hard times.

We hope that you begin to form friendships on here! A pen pal miles away, or maybe it is someone in your neighborhood that you never knew. This can be as easy as something to wake up to and read; as a morning pick me up.  The point is… create a community and a support system!

The Lionheart Society also offers lists of mental health organizations, walks and events working towards suicide prevention, therapists, mental wellness coaches, books, and services available to those dealing with anxiety and more. We also provide coping mechanisms that have worked for us, and hope that you will share yours with others!

We can’t leave out the shirts and merchandise that we will be selling to benefit not only our Lionheart community, but also organizations that help raise awareness. A percentage of the sales will be donated to different mental health causes each month (Etsy shop coming in February! So get excited!).
In the future, we hope to be able to include success stories of people overcoming their anxiety and doing amazing things!