The Importance of Writing it Down

write it down

Writing can be EXTREMELY therapeutic. When I am stressed out, overwhelmed, or just generally anxious, I find myself reaching for my journal, or my laptop, or any surface where I can write something down. I also love to scribble down notes. Whether it is brainstorming new ideas for The Lionheart Society, a new goal I have, or a random idea about life, I always try to write it down. Otherwise… I forget or I just lose interest in it or tell myself, “If I didn’t write it down, it must not have been that important.”

For myself, writing is many things in my life. Last night and over the weekend I spent a lot of time writing and you know what? I feel a lot calmer about my life. I am getting ready to start a new job in a few weeks and let me tell you, the mental freak-outs have been extremely real. I am always an over thinker, but when it comes to really important things, I sometimes go a bit overboard.

This weekend I spent time writing down my concerns. Figuring out what was truly stressing me out and working through those stresses so I could move forward. Writing is a good way to remember, but it is also a good way of letting go.

When I first started dealing with my anxiety and my mental health, to be honest, my doctor didn’t do much. Just told me I had too much on my plate and I needed to take a breath. Helpful, right? The one good thing she did teach me though was the importance of writing it down. A lot of my problem was over thinking at night and not being able to get any sleep. She told me that I needed to keep a notepad by my bed and any time that I started to worry about something I needed to jot it down to deal with later. So I did that. When I started to stress about something with work, money, relationships, my dog or any other thing I was jot it down in the journal and move forward, knowing that it would be there in the morning to deal with.

BUT! Here is the great part. When I woke up in the morning and took a look at my journal, to see all of the stresses I needed to deal with during the day… they were no longer stresses. I was able to logically work through them within minutes. I could look at the fear that my dog got into the chocolate, or that I didn’t know what to do with my life and tell myself that my dog was fine and that I was 23 and didn’t need to know. So, when I wrote it down I was able to forget about it and let go of the problem at night to deal with later, but when I saw it in the morning and decided I needed to remember the stress and face the music, it was no longer an issue. Writing it down did help me remember and forget, all at the same time. Wonderful, right?!

When I feel like giving up on something, I write down all of the reasons that it is important to me, and why I started in the first place. I remind myself that this wasn’t some crazy whim that I had, but it was a well thought out plan and it was something that I am truly passionate about.

Writing it down is extremely important. Whether it actually is something important or it is just some whim or random thought you have. Like I have said several times in this post… Writing is a good way to remember, but it is also a good way of letting go.



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