Arming Yourself with Anxiety Essentials

arm yourselfI know that in the past, we have covered anxiety and relaxation essentials, because, well… we find them essential. They have helped us in the past and continue to do so. Whether it is a good book, a slightly embarrassing amount of candles, or a whole shelf full of essential oils, we have found them extremely helpful. But, why are these things essential? Why are they so important to keep handy on a regular basis?

There will be weeks, or maybe even months where I don’t have any anxiety problems. I think life is going great, and maybe my anxiety has decided that it no longer needs to make an appearance in my life. So, a lot of those essentials get put on the back of the dresser, or get packed up in a “for later” box and stuffed into the crawl space or down in the basement. Sounds great! A de-cluttering of my room and of my life! But, what happens when anxiety shows its ugly head and all of my essentials are hidden or put in storage? I wasn’t properly armed to deal with the anxiety. The anxiety attack isn’t a several minute long anxiety attack, but it just prolongs itself and escalates until I can barely stand it and I am left scrambling, trying to find my favorite candle, a good Bible verse or any essential oil I can get my hands on.

Arming yourself with the essentials, even if it is just one of them, can be extremely helpful for those emergency situations where you just need a minute to take a breather. For myself, I know that I just say that I need a minute, and I go up to my room, shut the door and light a candle and maybe have a snack, read a few pages of a favorite book and sit in my big comfy chair with my soft pillows. So, having those things in my room, even when I feel like my anxiety has been gone for quite a while comes very much in handy. I like being able to just take a minute without having to rummage through old boxes and pull everything off of the shelf just to find the lone candle sitting under three hats and a scarf.

Even if you feel like your anxiety has decided to take a break, always prepare yourself for an anxiety attack. I’m not saying stuff your bag with a small candle, three essential oils, a snack and a cozy pillow, but maybe bring some lavender essential oil with you. Have an emergency box for an anxiety attack in your room, even if it is stuffed on a shelf in your closet, it is easily accessible for times when you need to just take a chill pill and relax for a little while.


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