Fidget Cube Review 101

Okay here is the deal. There are tons of reviews on fidget cubes. You can google them. But let me tell you, these little cubes really are neat.  I know this because I was stuck at a train stop for half an hour 5 minutes after getting my cube. This means that I had a solid 30 minutes where I could have been extremely annoyed and irritated at this train that would NOT move; but I wasn’t! Thanks to the cube, I spent those 30 minutes fidgeting with possibly the coolest gadget ever. This is why:

  1. The button: I don’t know what else to call it, but there is a small silver ball that is not only a button but can also be a roller. You know, like the ones on top of perfume sticks. I was instantly drawn to it; pushing the button to the beat of whatever song was playing.
  2. The switch: There is a switch! Obviously it won’t turn anything on but possibly your thumbs, as you realize that you cannot stop switching the darn thing back and forth. ( If that doesn’t bring you back to the dance party days of you switching the light switch back and forth a million times to make a strobe light, then you missed out my friend)
  3. XBOX knob: I decided that is a perfect description because it is exactly that. For my gamer husband and other gamers out there I am sure you will also be drawn to this side of the cube.
  4. The dice: Here there are 5 little buttons, just like on a dice. In case the silver button was not enough, all of these little guys are also buttons! Some make a clicking noise, and some are silent.
  5. Worry stone: There is a worry stone people! Why worry when you have a worry stone in the grasp of your hand?
  6. The spinner:  I am a huge key spinner so this takes over that urge in a heart beat. It is just a black circle that you can turn and spin with your hand. Super addictive.

So, the cube is wonderful. Bring it to work, put it in your purse. Take it with you before a big interview or if you have to wait in line somewhere. I found myself playing with it while I was studying because I always have to be moving.  You can find them on amazon for a good price, and I recommend adding it to your collection of fidgets!

Written By: JoJo Ossmen


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