The Importance of Journaling

As an avid journal writer I wanted to share how Journaling has not only helped me cope with anxiety and depression but how it has been a force in how I figure out well; pretty much everything.16650734_10212415637812447_1904756230_o.jpg

I have a backpack under my bed that is full of each journal I have finished. I started when I was 8 years old; and let me tell you that re-reading that thing made me laugh so hard I was crying.  I don’t go back and read my journals as often as I should- but every time I do I am amazed at what I have been able to accomplish, and the things I have been able to work through. The cool thing about journaling is that each post is full of raw emotion. So something that you thought was so hard, and un-bearable, you can go back and see that you have overcome so many obstacles. You can see that it wasn’t as hard as you were afraid of in that moment. You also get to relive all the hilariously embarrassing moments in your life, and memories you never thought you could never forget. 

I don’t write in my journal everyday, sometimes a few months pass and I realize I haven’t opened the thing once. But every time I do I give myself the time to sit down and get everything off my chest, out of my head, and into the journal. Afterwards I feel the biggest weight come off my shoulders. To be honest I am not sure exactly what it is about journaling that decreases my stresses or angers but there is something about  writing it down that takes it out of my head. Maybe because it feels like it is safely tucked away in my journal, if its something negative I know that I don’t have to re visit that feeling if I don’t want to.16522976_10209767561720506_2042247011_n.png

I write about everything. Fears, stresses, things that I can’t get over as well has all the happy moments of the day, week, or month. One thing that has stood out to me the most is writing down things I am grateful for or positives of the day. Sometimes it is only 3 bullet points of things like “ my hair looked nice, it rained, and I got a really good coffee.” Regardless of how deep they are, it always has this amazing side effect of happiness, how about that!?

Journaling is great. Going back to my old journals is hilarious, motivating, heart touching, and everything in between. Regardless if your journal is purely a stress journal, a grateful journal, or something to jot down memories you don’t want to forget I challenge everyone to go find a journal that speaks to them. It has helped me get through the hardest of times, as well as given me a place to record my happiest of memories.

Written By: JoJo Ossmen


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