LIONHEART Lavender Lemonade/Tea

How To Make It: (The Actual Recipe)


**Confession: we are not sure how this turned out so well; if it was pure skill or luck. However, in a survey of about 10 adults and 5 kids, the result was that it was soothing and good, and tasted better hot! Like cider!**
As you read below you will see exactly how to do it for the best Lionheart results:

  1. Heat up water in a medium sized pan until slightly boiling. With the pan filled about half way full.
  2. Squeeze the juice out of 4 lemons. This was our first lemon squeezing experience. So that should give you some confidence (We should never work at a lemonade stand).
  3. Accidentally pour in 6 drops of lavender oil. Because it is way to hard to stop at one, and you did not read the recipe as well as you thought.
  4. Because of the lavender overdose, put in a ton of honey until the water does not taste like you are drinking lavender oil straight from the bottle.
  5. Now, add some pre-squeezed bottled lemon juice. The overdose of oil and honey will make this thing definitely need more lemon; and because frankly you only bought 4 lemons to begin with, and those are long gone.
  6. Let the mixture cool enough to taste! Taste just a spoonful because Lord knows you did not follow any recipe and you have no idea what your taste buds are about to experience.
  7. Sigh with relief when it actually tastes awesome! Or…add whatever else is needed. Most likely more honey.


If you are an experienced Lavender lemonade mixer, or have any great soothing recipe’s to contribute, we would be more then grateful. Send us an email at:




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