Relaxation Essentials

By: Layne Gudenkauf

Hi everyone! If you were sent here by our YouTube video, you are probably wondering why we don’t explain everything just in the video. Please keep in mind that this is our first go of making a video for YouTube and we are still trying to figure it all out! Rome wasn’t built in a day people! Well, anyway, below I have both linked back to the video, and written an explanation of each product!

Relaxation Essentials: (Video Link) 

Himalayan Salt Lamp I am not exactly sure of expenses for a Himalayan Salt Lamp, as I was given mine for Christmas, but I can guarantee it is worth the cost! (Here is a link to a super informative post on the benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp!) They have been known to help with anxiety and sleep as well, which is amazing!

Yankee Candle Warmer (Similar) Mine is from Yankee Candle and I also was given it for Christmas! It is amazing and my room constantly smells fantastic! It actually makes our whole house smell good if I leave my door open!

Yankee Candle Company Mistletoe Candle As far as relaxation goes, candles are amazing! The calm light they give off, the wonderful smell, it can’t get much better! For candles, of course there are the “calm” candles that smell of delicious lavender and vanilla, but I’ve found that finding a scent that makes you happy is even more important than an actual calming scent.

Sea Salt Zum Mist Okay, I have loved this stuff for years! I was first introduced to it in yoga class several years ago. After that, I always associated the smells with the calming candle lit classes and it really helped me calm down in times of panic. I have been spraying it on my pillow ever since!

Bath & Body Works Lavender Vanilla Aromatherapy Lotion: There is actually a whole range of aromatherapy products at Bath and Body Works and I will stand by all of them. They smell amazing and are super calming. If you are looking for a lotion that with super hydrate your skin, I wouldn’t go to this specific lotion, but if you are looking to smell glorious, it is an amazing choice! (Gonna put it out there, THIS IS ON SALE!)

Pottery Barn Enjoy Today Pillow: I bought this pillow several years ago, so I don’t believe Pottery Barn still carries it, but I have linked to a similar pillow that also combines my “Love” pillow that is on my bed!

Oil Diffuser I put lavender essential oils in my oil diffuser every night before I go to bed. Just two or three drops of it do the trick, but if I have days when I need some strong smelling calm, I pretty much pour the bottle in (haha).

Fairy Lights The lighting in a room always makes me calm down. I really love warm and dim lighting, so candles and fairy lights are the perfect combination. Mine have a timer on them for I believe six hours, so a lot of times, I will turn them on when I get home from work and they turn themselves off right about the time I go to bed!

Wild and Free If you see me on a regular basis, I have probably gushed about this book once or twice or maybe fifty times. It is so empowering and wonderful! I cannot talk about it enough!

The Greatest Success in the World My dad gave me this book a while back and I didn’t ever want it to end. It is the story of Zaccheus in the Bible and is all about his life and his faith. It is incredibly inspiring and wonderful to read.


This is of course not a complete list of all the things I use to calm my anxiety, because that list is truly endless! I am constantly looking for new and fun ways to calm my nerves, but I have found that the ten items above have been a great help to my life. I would love to hear what you find helpful with your fight against anxiety! Love you all!


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