December Wrap Up!

It has been a full week since The Lionheart Society launched and we are so proud of how things have been going so far! We could not have even launched Lionheart with out the help and support of our friends, family, and those of you who have contacted us. It means the world to even get a small thank you! So cheers to you guys!

For looking at the website, liking photos on Instagram, sharing our posts on Facebook, donating your own ideas for the page and passing along the community to those who need some extra support!

It is crazy that one of our goals was to reach 1000 views and we did that with in the first week! How sweet is that?? Looks like we are ready to increase that goal for January! We have a lot more goals to work on and look forward to sharing those we accomplish next month.

In case you have not had enough spare time to read each blog post, here are some of our favorites and highlights of what happened in December: 

  • About Page
    • 5 minutes with Layne and JoJo: Get to know the people behind The Lionheart Society and why we are doing what we are doing.
    • About The Lionheart Society: Still not sure about our community? Give the About section a glance.
  • Coping Mechanisms
    • Having a Safe place: This is one of our favorites. Having a safe place at home is so important and this post gives you ideas on how to achieve that calm and safe space!
    • Mindful meditation: For when you need to get a grip on how to relax!
  • Donations
    • December (As well as January’s) donation page is to The Epilepsy Foundation. A great non-profit organization to help the research and treatment of Epilepsy as well as tons of great resources. Don’t forget to read the post that goes along with it!
  • Faith
    • It is fantastic to see that our faith section has had some views. We can’t do this with out giving credit to the Man Upstairs and we are looking forward to having a more collaborative faith section. Have an idea? Send it on over!


Remember that this is a community. If you have ideas or anything that YOU want to share let us know. We would be glad to give it a read and post it on the site.

December rocked the house. You all rocked the house!


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