What The New Year Holds

By: JoJo Ossmen

It’s a New Year! A new year of goals, accomplishments, travel plans and more. The New Year is always full of excitement as we hit the realization that anything can happen. Once again “The world is yours!”

We start out on January 1st as walking, talking, motivational speakers, Instagram-ers, and Facebook-ers. We can do all, conquer all, and we can mark off every dang goal on our lists! We say over and over again, “This is my year!”

That is awesome isn’t it? That surge of motivation that we get to make something better than the year before? So why do we let that feeling fade so fast? Why are we putting the same goals on our lists that we have had for 3 years. I know the drill: Eat healthier, hit the gym more, be more patient and serving and forgiving. Those ones that for some reason always make the list. We write them down every year because last year you didn’t actually take the cooking class, and maybe you bought the gym membership but only went twice, telling ourselves that this year we really mean it!

Last year I wrote down maybe half a dozen things to work on that would make me feel better — well, only if someone asked me my goals. Because then I could rattle off all of these amazing things! Then it struck me that all I was doing was writing down goals that only to impress other people. Once I realized this I scratched the whole list. I decided to write down a few things; exciting things that meant the most to me! Then I found a few quotes that went a long with those for motivation. Lastly, after writing them down in my journal to be accountable, I also told someone. Actually saying them out loud put them into perspective, and helped me realize what ones were realistic, and what ones were too far fetched.

It is important when starting a new year to not only make goals that get you pumped for the whole year but also ones that you can accomplish. With a lot of goals, that means making partial goals that you can hit on the way to getting the big one. I was taught that a long time ago as an athlete and it made a world of difference.

Okay, so you have your realistic goals, you’ve written them down, and they all seem fantastic. This is when you add in something completely random to the list. Something so fun or exciting that no matter what month you hit that goal, it will be the most fun one on the list. Last year I wrote, “buy a car”. Low and behold I bought a new car before January was over.

This year lets make goals that we actually stick to. Lets accomplish the most exciting mini goals on the way to the big goal. Make goals that get our feet moving and souls itching to start.

This is a year to be brave. To stand your ground in a storm, go out there and be amazing. What ever that means to you, get out there and do it. No more, “This is the fourth year I have put this goal on the list” crap. If that is the case, then it might possibly not be important enough in your life to be a goal.

What I am trying to say is that this year can be different for you. You can make hard choices, go after bigger goals, and not be afraid of the scary ones. You can conquer the new with the firm belief that everything on your list is totally accomplishable. That way, you can also feel the satisfaction of marking each goal off the list.

You can do it! Cheers to 2017!
















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