Mindful Meditation

By: JoJo Ossmen

This is something newly added to my “coping mechanism”. I turn to these when I get anxious and need something to snap me back into reality. Since sleeping, in general, has been an on going battle since I was a child, I have found that using “mindful meditation” keeps me calm enough to eventually fall asleep. I also use this before I go into work if I know it might be an especially long day (hello Monday!). One day, I will get over my stubborn self and use it when I am going into a full blown panic; this is not yet mastered. However, mindful meditation is a great tool to use just from day to day, anxiety or no anxiety!

How to do it! ( in other words, how I was taught…. I realize there are varying versions of this exercise, and that is OK.)

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Focus on everything you can HEAR, new sounds that you did not notice before etc.
  3. Switch your focus to everything you can FEEL. Your hand on a soft pillow, the chair pressed against your back, your toes wiggling in your shoes, the air on your face etc.
  4. Take deep breathes, feel your chest rise and fall, nice and slow, steady breathes.
  5. Pick a color that is calming, picture that color filling up your body as you breathe. I like to also picture it almost illuminating off my body; but that is just me.

Like I said, this is a great tool. Regardless of what you use it for, it is a great way to bring you back to reality, and calm your spirit.

Give it a try!


** Mindful Meditation source: Michael M. Haderlie, PhD Giles, Haderlie & Associates Family Psychology


4 thoughts on “Mindful Meditation”

  1. It’s 4:00 am as I read this and both of my babies are finally put back to bed. My mind is taxed which why I’m on my phone…I’m totally about to try this. Thanks for the share!!


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