Five Minutes About Layne


Constantly challenging one self. Taking every single opportunity without regrets. Learning, developing and seeing beauty in all kinds of moments in life no matter how big or small they may be. Knowing what you’re worth, treating yourself like you deserve to be treated. Simply, just being you and being brave. Like a lion, you fight for what you stand for. A Lionheart never gives up on its dreams.

“A Lionheart never gives up on its dreams.” That right there is my favorite part of this definition. It is defining a Lionheart as a person, not just an idea. In the last few months BEING a Lionheart has been my goal and has been something I have been consumed by. For so much of my life I have lived with this overwhelming anxiety. It hovered over me like a rain cloud ready to burst. The more stress I added to my life the darker that rain cloud would become.

Partially, this is due to the fact that in the fifth grade I had been diagnosed with epilepsy. Much of my time was spent worrying about having a seizure, even if everything was under control.

It has been ten years since my last seizure and I’ve decided it is time for the rain cloud to go and time for me to become a Lionheart; to live my life and be courageous! Which is why we have decided to start the Lionheart Society. My anxiety always caused a break in my spirit, a doubt in my mind and would put a huge weight on my chest telling me I wasn’t good enough, but I am good enough, and so are you!

We are challenging you all to be Lionheart’s! To step out of your comfort zone, to clear the sky from the ever darkening clouds and chase after something you have never had the courage to go after. I’ve decided to follow my dreams and even if I constantly question what those dreams are, I urge everyone to follow their own no matter how many times those dreams change.

Do not get discouraged. Do not tell yourself that your dream is too big or that you are not good enough, because it isn’t and you are! If it makes you nervous, take a deep breath and be lionhearted. Do not fear failure. We all fall down, but eventually we succeed! Our anxiety, our doubts and the weight on our chest should not hold us back from living the life we have set out before us.

We all have a lion inside of us. We all have strength and courage and the ability to be a Lionheart.

Join The Lionheart Society! Be brave and courageous! Join a community of people who will gather around you and support you and encourage you. A community that will pick you up when you fall and help you wipe the dirt off your knees before encouraging you to push forward!


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